ChatOps is a term that’s been coined recently to refer to using Slack or other chat services to deploy code or run other operations. It’s a simple concept, to gain visibility over deployments and other operational concepts, we expose to the developers tools in Slack so that they can deploy code, look at graphs or do other operational things within a conversation channel.

ChatOps is great for building living documentation for your team. Onboarding a new team member? They can watch Slack as a way of learning how deployments happen and even chime in with feedback or questions in real time.

The Deliverybot Slack integration is simple. It simply takes the functionality you get from the dashboard where clicking on a commit deploys that code and moves it into Slack.

Deploying code looks like the following slash command:

/deliverybot deploy deliverybot/example@heads/master production


That’s it! All your current integrations with Deliverybot will work just the same. Just call /deliverybot help if you have any questions.


Install using the link below:

Add to Slack

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