Deploy to production

We’ve now setup automatic deployments to staging with pushes to master. What’s missing from this step is deploying to a production environment. We assume that developers want to click a button (or message in Slack) manually to issue a deployment to production.

For this we’ll add a target production that requires CI to be deployed. Add the below key to your .gtihub/deploy.yml file.

# .github/deploy.yml
  production_environment: true
  required_contexts: ["ci"]
  environment: production

Since we specified the required_contexts parameter and included the ci key if we try and deploy from the Deliverybot dashboard before our ci job has completed this will throw an error. This keeps production from having untested code deployed.

That’s it! We’ve now setup a CI pipeline, staging deployments and manual production deployments. We’ll next move onto some of the more advanced features of Deliverybot.


Deploy a PR environment »

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